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I was strummimg away with my Chord Wheel and this came out ...... DON'T GIVE UP ON LOVE A C sharp D Bm C sharp A C sharp Bm C sharp A C sharp Bm C sharp Sometimes love is going to cause you pain Sometimes it’ll hurt so much you think…read more
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Still trying to figure the Kemper out....I should really start using the Noise gate on it by the sound of this but i don't have the time to do it now as i'm busy doing nothing. Capo 1st Fret D Bm G D A X3 Bm A X4 NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO BE…read more
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Reg is back with Desirea he's trying to put their past behind him. What can he do he loves here...... AS LONG AS I HAVE YOU Am F C7 G Am F C G AM G C G C Am G Am G I look in your eyes and I see a soul baring blue Nobody knows you…read more
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Messing about and this came out...not sure on the Book line but hey i'm trying down here..... Just never enough EM C A EM A Em A Em G A Em G A Em G A If Yesterday is the lost friend of tomorrow Today should set in gold A tear forms in my…read more
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I have a new love in my life A Kemper this is the first recording using it. John is playing guitar i'm theo ne warbleing. Trying to get a different slant on a classic for the band this is as far as we got today but…

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Push the Blood Back in When the last bit of light that shines through is dead and we are all matching shadows with the same blank reflection, distracted and withered and bound to the ceiling, can you not even then, feel it move on your skin…read more
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In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw…read more
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Son of the Queen Isolating the cross-hatched memories of those starless nights when we searched for light to pour through the wounds we carry around, fashioned after and fawning, we, now downward, fall. A cast-iron bodice over the whimsical has…read more
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Haven’t uploaded any material in ages! I have been building custom guitars which has been taking up some of my spare time. This track features my first guitar build which I am playing over a backing track.
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This was a collab between my old friend Joe and I from a couple years ago. I recorded the basic track and sent it to him so he could play the main melody/ guitar solo over it. I took the ending of the guitar solo section and reversed it to give…read more

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This was a collab between my old friend Joe and I from a couple years ago. I recorded the basic track and sent it to him so he could play the main melody/ guitar solo over it. I took the ending of the guitar solo section and reversed it to give…read more
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Chris sent me this super Zep backer over and asked if i'd like to do a vocal on it and i was over it like a rash....Thanks Chris
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Cover of a song from my youth i had forgotten about really, enjoyed it
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There's a darkness creeping in the woods by a brimstone tree A withered headless horseman traveling on the breeze A mighty footprint measured 15 inches long Whispered voices rolling in off the fog (Chorus) Transcribe plates made of stone…read more
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Analyze analytical actions I suppose Formatting frustration fickle fascination falls Recite riddles maybe, or measure many moves Controlling correct posture Pulsing perpendicular (Chorus) I know to some degree the source of the lyrical…read more

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We were having a little tipple down the cellar last night and we came up with a Christmas song for the festive season...hope you enjoy.......... CHRISTMAS TIME AT THE DRUNK’S HOUSE (Lyrics) it's Christmas time in the drunks house and the…read more
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thetworegs said

Merry Christmas everyone and back slapping new year

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Reg has got a little soppy since he met his new girl, the widow Desirea. His pretty sure she's the one but the old fears keep rising. He knows he has to put the past behind him if any relationship is ever going to stand a chance of working…
Guest said

Reg: I think you should do a Google search on Desirea. I am not so sure that she is actually a widow. Just sayin'. Be careful! You should do a criminal back-ground check on her at the very least.

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Reg will just not listen not only have Chris and Norm told him but Elvis Jim and Louie all had the same advice..Forget her....move on but he is going against all the advice. He just can't get Desirea out of his mind, he loves her. He's trying…read more
Guest said

Aww Regs, I'm back in town from Rio. Stop listening to your geek AT friends (they don't even know me. I've only met Chris once). Call me - I want to meet you at Hélène Darroze at The Connaugh.

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Well Reg still hasn't cheered up ...memories of Desirea keep coming back to haunt him he thought it would be a new year a new start .....which it would be if he could only leave the past behind he got the acoustic down of the wall…read more
Guest said

You can STFU Norm. This is between Reggie and me.

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Reg is back on the drink there was no escaping it. He found out that Desirea was not what he thought she was, she had been telling him lies and his hopes were dashed again.............. theres a little mess up on the Xylophone but what can you…read more
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Norm said

Reg. Stop. This is not good for you. Just copy and paste the following to Desirea: "I just booked you a flight to Gofuckyourselfville and your departure is now."

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The music follows the ups and downs of poor old Reg….

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