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The End is Coming (Coffee Shoppe Mix)

Robert James

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Back in 1991 I was a music major at UMass Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts. I was in the audio program and I was flunking out because I had zero math skills. I was not flunking out in the instrumental music courses though. I played guitar at home and it was already my #1 musical love, but in school I was a sax player. I was near the bottom in the rankings in the school, but I didn’t suck. Everyone there was incredible and I didn’t quite measure up, but I didn’t suck. I was actually pretty good.

I dropped out before my inability to pass Calculus would kick me out and I quickly stopped being a sax player who could also play guitar and I became a guitar player who used to play sax. Every now and then I get the urge to make sure I can still do it, and I am in that frame of mind right now in a big way. So much so that I am challenging myself to have sax be the lead instrument on half of my RPM/FAMW songs this year. I haven’t touched my horn since 2013 but I can still play. I can’t play well, but I can still get by… mostly. It’s not quite like riding a bike, but it’s in the ball park.

Note that almost all of my lyrics this year about my belief that democracy in the United States of America is dead and buried and we are living through the birth of a fascist dictatorship. You know, a light little topic for a pop record.

Verse 1
How did you think this was gonna to go
How did you think this would end
You couldn’t see we were going low
so clear to me

right around the corner it’s so obvious
we can’t avoid the wall
right around the corner it’s so obvious
we’re gonna the wall

Verse 2
And now we watch, as it all comes apart
The pieces scattered around
They took the knife, and stabbed us through the heart
It’s over now

The end is coming
The end is coming soon
The end is coming soon
It is here, It is here

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