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The End is Coming (Bar Band Mix)

Robert James

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The plan for the RPM Challenge this year is to do an album with two distinct parts. Side One (if you’ll indulge the ancient way of thinking) will be a straight up bar band. The instrumentation will be my normal guitar/bass/drums/vocals. Side Two (it’s funny to say that) will be more of a coffee Shop (Shoppe) combo of acoustic guitar/hand percussion (mostly a cajon)/saxophone/vocals.

This song will be from side three. I am planning on an alternate version of each coffee shoppe song that adds a bass guitar, and replaces the cajon with drums and the sax with electric guitar.

The coffee shoppe mix is here:

The acoustic guitar is my Takamine 12-string whose model name escapes me. The electric is my Les Paul through two Fender Bassbreakers with a Klon KTR overdrive pedal and a Mooer e-Lady (or elec-lady, I’m not sure which version I have) flanger in filter mode.

Verse 1
How did you think this was gonna to go
How did you think this would end
You couldn’t see we were going low
so clear to me

right around the corner it’s so obvious
we can’t avoid the wall
right around the corner it’s so obvious
we’re gonna the wall

Verse 2
And now we watch, as it all comes apart
The pieces scattered around
They took the knife, and stabbed us through the heart
It’s over now

The end is coming
The end is coming soon
The end is coming soon
It is here, It is here

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