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One Chance

Robert James

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I am so tired right now I can’t keep my eyes open. Does this mix sound okay? I have no idea.

On the day the RPM Challenge website opens up for sign ups for a COVID-19 April Challenge I finish the bonus album in a month challenge I set for myself when February ended. Just like the official February RPM Challenge, my RPMarch was finished on the 29th with a little more than an hour to go before midnight.

This is kind of two songs sandwiched together. The vocal sections in the middle are one song, and the quiet intro and outro are the other. The intro/outro had an attempt at improvising the rhythm guitar part. Not terrible but not really good either.

Rhythm guitar is my SG, lead is my Les Paul both are pedal free into my 15 watt Bassbreaker. Now it’s time for sleep. G’night all and I’ll see you again in a few days when April starts.

when you get to it
when you break it down
It’s the smartest move
let it come around
let’s examine this
thing in front of us
lets look closely and
lets start to adjust

we have one chance
to make this right
we get one try
move to the light

sieze this mo-ment
do the right thing
no more screrw ups
we are in sync

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Bethan Mathis said

Niiiice guitar playing!

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