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Thank you Steve Cross for coming up with with the perfect drum and rhythm track. This guy did it exactly according to my specifications.

As for the song itself, it’s different music. You need a certain level of musical talent to comprehend its finesse. I’m pretty sure most of the would not like it. But those who will, you will have my gratitude.

Inspirations - Shining, Type O Negative and Jeff Beck.

The song is sung in Italian and English. There will be words then, you are unfamiliar with.

Guest said

debz. this is my favourite song from you. I still don't understand it, but I love it!!! :P - VV

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Gene Eric Mann said

The vocal track peaks in a few places, but otherwise it's a beautiful mix down.

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Songs From Nowhere Project said

That makes total sense! Again, really good song!

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Songs From Nowhere Project said

Thanks for your comment on my song a while back. I like this song, a a lot. The building of intensity in the first few minutes is really well done. I do have a question. Are you going to credit William Ernest Henly (probably no relation to Don) for your use of his entire poem "Invictus"?

Guest said

very good

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